Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your gonna catch a cold, From the ice inside your soul~

OMG i havent updated since forever(so~ the drama!) :P so lately been bz with assignments and yeah, i moved to a new house AGAIN! yes, but hopefully this time its permanent. Its a bit small but its got what  i need to survive my college years. So no photo for this post nor is there anything i want to share.. ignore the title lately i've been obsessing the song Jar of Hearts, yeah! i know its an old song but because of Sam Tsui i'm listening to it all over again! he has a voice that could melt down my heart and brain. his voice is like sex to my ears like seriously! k.k. enough with the drama, shesh~ whats wrong with me. So i've started my semester, two subject for this short one. Animation 1 And Video production 1, so i;m gonna have to complete two projects which is an Animation of my own and a TV Commercial that i have to make, and the brand that i'm doing is Silky Girl and tralalala!!!! the model for my latest video would be Nor Azlina(get ready to be tormented) :P kidding.. i'm not a bully k? so enough of the blabber talk(i always say this dont i?) lets cut to the chase, just wanted to update this blog and wanted to share info about my new life. (oh... a cute kitten just walked by>_<) ok ignore my RETARDNESS for awhile :P The house that i've moved on to is not really that far from college but we have to take the bus everyday to college which takes years to arrive to! and oh yah... you know what happened recently? one of the bus drivers was asking for my number, yeah! MY number!! it was kinda of a scary,akward and an annoying moment cuz i was all alone in the bus and thank god there were people comming into the bus at the moment and the bus driver was like "takpalah takda jodohlah tu kalau ada jodoh da bglah no tu kan? takpa mungkin lain kali.." like what the f??? lain kali, seriously i'd rather skip the bus home! not that i have anything against bus drivers(eventhough i hate them sometimes bcuz they'renot punctual) but i hate it when men do stuff like this, i'm not a social person mind you! so i dont know how to react to stuff like this xpecially if its so sudden. So yeah, that's what happened. what do you guys think? Scary? annoying? akward? what would u do? leave a comment or better yet PM me on facebook! till the next post..


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