Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lets jump up & down & pretend its ok :D

nothing to say just to watch i guess? enjoy if you like this.. it's so sweet how he took care of his fiance even though she's not really her old self anymore. I want to be exactly like him, i'll b there through the highs and the lows.. even if he gets sick like Chris Medina's fiance. I am feeling alot better thanks to a few friends, sorry didnt reply any private messages. I just simply didnt know what to write, and thanks to my beshties Myra, Eika, and Effa for being there for me and making me feel better, thanks to Marija, Isyamir, and Syahmi for asking me to share the problem. Love all you guys, thanks for being the most awesome friends ever(eventhough we never met before) :) cheers,

Thanks a bundle,

Ave The Strange.

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