Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm always wrong but youre never right

so hi guys tell me how it feels when u r treated like a freakin whore??? anybody?? anyone?? well what if your own very loved one threw a bunch of money to the ground in front of everyone in your neighborhood expecting you to pick it up. and to the eyes of everyone around u,u probably look like a freakin whore/slut or maybe your like a freakin begger or maybe just a dog to be thrown a stick 2. how low can men treat women to bow to their very expectations. and when we say its wrong to do so no matter what the reason is because of human rights they still stand their ground and think they're the one whos right. how stupid for them to think so highly of themselves like kings of fools.. stupid to be proud on doing such a low thing, stupid to think that lowering others is a good thing. not human like, an animal in human form. i dont want to seem rude to point fingers at anyone but if you did it u probably know. to treat your girl in such a way is no good, and to think other girls would stand there and wait for u and follow your every will is such stupidity and ignorance. well, if you think thats about it your all dead wrong. to be spoken in a harsh tone upsets a womans heart as u may (want to) know a womans heart is fragile and soft. it easily breaks when u do harsh things to it, forget glass a womans heart is a freakin bubble! and its soft enough to except anything you do to them. they often say the things that they dont mean so they dont show their fragile side that is breaking away slowly. how they feel is as if theyre standing on the edge of a cliff and is being pushed little by little to jump down. and one day they might just do it. so keep them as a treasure, to achive a womans true love is not easy but to get a slut or a bitch beside you is more common than your own sense! so i think that is about all the things i want to say. i've seen my friends been verbally abused, and some have been hit and this is no way to treat a lady! when you need them by u, you r so nice to them but when your tired and mad they are the ones to get all the blame and are the ones to absorb all your pain and sufferings, and to carry your burden. remember one thing god created mowen to be companions to men so do not abuse them as sex objects or toys to be played with, they are not accesories to be worn. fin~

yours truly,

Ave The Strange.

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